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moldOne call to Milwaukee Restoration will get your property in the Milwaukee area mold free. If you have recently suffered any type of water damage or flooding, be it commercially or in your home, you need to get it checked out quickly, or else there is danger of mold growth. If you have left it too long then act now, before the mold spreads. Mold can be an effect of damp conditions throughout any building, typically in plumbing works such as basins and bathrooms with leaks. Milwaukee Restoration has a great amount of experience when it comes to mold removal and cleaning, serving both homes and businesses all across Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Your overall health and wellbeing is our number one priority. A lot of homes nowadays are being built to be more efficient where heating is concerned, and although this can save you money, this also means less in the way of air cooling and drying, meaning a lot more moisture can be trapped, leading to unfortunate mold growth.

The health dangers of mold: There are a great deal of different effects mold growth can have, with long-term exposure being seen to cause some of the worse conditions. Short term conditions are less worrisome, such as headaches, sickness, or even asthma, but with longer term problems as well this can seem much worse. It is possible that anyone living with a long-term mold growth can develop cancer, mental deficiencies and an array of heart and lung problems, meaning mold remediation should be your number one priority.

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